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What’s In It For You?

One of my favourite quotes is ‘Everything Has a Price’ by Paulo Coelho. Paulo Coelho is an intelligent Brazilian Lyricist, in his early 70s, and his Book,¬†The Alchemist¬†is proof of why we should take his quotes seriously. We will talk about him some other day. Let’s focus on his quote for now. When is the […... Read more
Kenya is a nation blessed with a great deal of Media Freedom. Media Freedom. Is this even a thing? Ask our Ugandan friends about media freedom whenever you meet one. They pay taxes for Tweets and Facebook posts. Brands have taken advantage of this media freedom to sell their value to existing and potential customers […]... Read more
Hii Lugha ilikuja na Meli! (This language came from overseas). If you’ve lived in Kenya, you must have heard this phrase, or better yet, said it. It is an excuse we give whenever our English Airtime runs out. Ranking highly on my checklist for my perfect woman (We’ll talk about the checklist some other day), […]... Read more
My name is Khan. Sorry. That’s a movie. My name is Ken. I am a young man from Subukia, Nakuru County. We, folks from Subukia like to pride our small town as the heart of the Great Rift Valley. We are also the home to one of the sacred shrines in the world which was […]... Read more
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