You are here because you have great taste and I will ensure by the time you leave that does not change. My name is Khan. Sorry. That’s a movie. My name is Ken. Kennedy Kiiru Macharia. I have often being described as highly disparaging and opinionated. My friends do not like that about me. I do not like many things about them too, so we’re even. I often create stories out of these opinions and thoughts of mine. Some stories will remind you of someone you no longer talk to. Some will educate you and inspire you while others will tear you up. You may find yourself skipping some of them since they won’t make sense to you.  Not a problem. My hope is that each piece of work here will brighten someone’s day and make the world a better place.
Well, here’s a short disclaimer. The opinions voiced in here are mine and only mine. They do not reflect the position of my career, business or the people around me. Should you agree with me, be a darling and share the piece with your networks, will you? Should you disagree with me, leave a comment and I promise to read it and respond accordingly, or not.
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Let’s have some fun.

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