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June 6, 2021

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”Sure. Drop Pin.”

You ever gone on a first date with someone and they ghosted you right after? Not even that text checking if you got home safe. Or asking if you enjoyed the dinner. And absolutely no “we should do this again” or “I hope you had a good time”. You are left wondering what you did wrong. Maybe you chewed too loudly. Or ordered the kind of food he could not pronounce, and went ahead to clear your plate before he did his. Or you sneezed without covering your mouth. Or was it because you excused yourself to answer the phone? But it was work. He should understand, right? These bills don’t pay themselves. Or maybe you were too forthright with him. Now you are confused. You thought guys liked that. You know, a woman who knows what she wants and goes for it. Or was it because you offered to pay the bill? That should score you points not drop them, right? Ughhh. This dating thing. This is the third man to ghost you after a first date in the last six months. What the hell could be wrong with you? You have a job and some money of your […]

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