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February 5, 2021

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The Eyes Have It

Have you wondered how someone on the streets still recognised you even when your mask was up to your nose? Sometimes you even had a hat on but they still identified you. It’s your eyes. The mirror to a man’s soul, in Shakespeare’s words. They snitch on you by expressing the reality of your inner being, despite what the mouth says. They can reveal if you have been crying even if you are smiling. Or if you are in pain. Or sad. They can disclose if you are lying. Or if you are just shy. They can tell if you are exhausted. Or angry. Or bored. Or intoxicated. Or hung over. Or just sleepy. They can even divulge if you are lusting over someone. Or completely disinterested. They can break down your entire personality without you uttering a single word. They can tell the state of your health and the state of your wealth. They can even be used to estimate your age! Your eyes send and receive messages all the time. Like when someone says something stupid to you and you just roll your eyes at them. They get the message. They need to shut the fuck up. When […]

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