Ladies and Gentlemen

The Tattoos on My Back

No woman is more abhorred by her fellow women than she that gets all the male attention. I am this woman. I have been this woman all my life. I don’t know what men see in me. Maybe it’s the sparkle in my smile. Or my bountiful behind. Or my hourglass shape. Or my soft dark hair. Or maybe it’s the charm in my personality. Or the tattoos on my back. Whatever it is, it drives other women crazy. They like to think that I do not deserve all the hullabaloo. They discredit me, yet, deep down, they hate that they want to be like me. They hate that they want to be me.

It is not easy being this woman. I have to bust my ass at work, lest the rumours being spread around that I slept with the boss to get that promotion get confirmed. I have to pretend not to be bothered by the constant shameless whistling of men every time I walk past them. I have to politely turn down offers from random men (and the occasional woman) every single day. ”Can I buy you drinks?”. ”What’s your dream destination? We can go vacation there for a week,”. ”A fine girl like you should not be Uber hopping. Let me buy you a car.” I have to throw a tantrum every time I am held inappropriately by some guy trying to feel a woman’s flesh.

They can be stubborn, these guys. The Sorry, I have a boyfriend excuse never works. Neither does the Sorry, I am a lesbian one. Excuses are interpreted as you playing hard to get. Which makes it even worse for you because they kind of energise these predators and they come back more fiercely and menacingly. I had a dozen of such excuses lined up at the back of my head waiting to be used whenever the moment arose. Now I use silence. Men hate it. They are left wondering whether they crossed a line or I am just deaf and dumb. Also, when you say nothing, nobody can counter – offer. The conversation just dies a natural death.

All these guys have one thing in common. They are only interested in me sexually. Just sexually. I know this because I have had the unfortunate experience of believing in the lies of a few of them back when I was young and naive. As soon as my pants went down, their guard went up. They remembered they have a wife and kids. Or they discovered they are too ’emotionally wrecked’ to be in a stable commitment. This would often question my sense of judgement. You know, that fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me crap.

If I am lucky enough to find a man who truly loves me for who I am, he is bound to become insecure. Who wouldn’t? My phone beeps more often than I snooze my alarm. The same random guys. I have had to change my number three times within the last five years. The inbox in my various socials are an eyesore. Making the accounts private gives me some kind of control, but still, the comments will be spammed with random guys shamelessly sexualizing every moment.

Truly, there has been lots of blissful experiences. Some doors have opened for me because of the mere fact that whoever was behind the door liked me. Or because he or she wanted to bed me. I have to admit, I have had it easier than most, simply because I am beautiful. So this is not me complaining. This is me asking the women who do not like me to stop wasting their hate on the prey. It’s me asking them to stop wanting to be me. You are beautiful just the way you are. Just be the realest version of yourself and you will attract the attention of the right man. Unlike me who attracts the attention of nearly all men and I have to wonder if the right one is among them, or if they are all a bunch of liars just trying to get laid.

Story as told by an anonymous beautiful woman.

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  • Reply Wacuka September 4, 2020 at 8:11 pm

    Gaddamn! This is so me…

  • Reply Frank September 4, 2020 at 8:38 pm

    Great read bro. Keep ip

  • Reply Janice September 5, 2020 at 8:23 am

    Story of my life

  • Reply Carol September 5, 2020 at 3:41 pm

    Let me tell you Maina…it is like you have read my mind

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