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September 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen

The Tattoos on My Back

No woman is more abhorred by her fellow women than she that gets all the male attention. I am this woman. I have been this woman all my life. I don’t know what men see in me. Maybe it’s the sparkle in my smile. Or my bountiful behind. Or my hourglass shape. Or my soft dark hair. Or maybe it’s the charm in my personality. Or the tattoos on my back. Whatever it is, it drives other women crazy. They like to think that I do not deserve all the hullabaloo. They discredit me, yet, deep down, they hate that they want to be like me. They hate that they want to be me. It is not easy being this woman. I have to bust my ass at work, lest the rumours being spread around that I slept with the boss to get that promotion get confirmed. I have to pretend not to be bothered by the constant shameless whistling of men every time I walk past them. I have to politely turn down offers from random men (and the occasional woman) every single day. ”Can I buy you drinks?”. ”What’s your dream destination? We can go vacation there for […]

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