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July 7, 2020


Natural Spaces

There is something therapeutic about an indoor plant. It just sits there in its pot, serenely minding its own business, occasionally swaying to the soft breeze coming from the window it has been conveniently placed below. You know, because of the light. Plants need a lot of it. They also need water. And fresh air. And an occasional fondle. I know this because it is on the plant manual of the Dracaena I bought from Vivianne Nyogoro the other day. Vivianne knows everything there is to know about houseplants. A chubbly twenty-six-year-old, she does not seem like the kind of person whose fingers could do more than just type. Her well-groomed nails look like the kind that the only tough work they ever did was scrub the dishes. But here she is, in gumboots, all soiled with her hair pulled back, as if she is in that ‘Dirt is good’ commercial. So how did this happen? Vivianne majored in Events and Convention Management (Yes, there is such a course) at the Technical University of Kenya. Graduates of this course are supposed to plan and manage international conferences and exhibitions across the world. You would think that landing such a job […]

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