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July 2020


Natural Spaces

There is something therapeutic about an indoor plant. It just sits there in its pot, serenely minding its own business, occasionally swaying to the soft breeze coming from the window it has been conveniently placed below. You know, because of the light. Plants need a lot of it. They also need water. And fresh air. And an occasional fondle. I know this because it is on the plant manual of the Dracaena I bought from Vivianne Nyogoro the other day. Vivianne knows everything there is to know about houseplants. A chubbly twenty-six-year-old, she does not seem like the kind of person whose fingers could do more than just type. Her well-groomed nails look like the kind that the only tough work they ever did was scrub the dishes. But here she is, in gumboots, all soiled with her hair pulled back, as if she is in that ‘Dirt is good’ commercial. So how did this happen? Vivianne majored in Events and Convention Management (Yes, there is such a course) at the Technical University of Kenya. Graduates of this course are supposed to plan and manage international conferences and exhibitions across the world. You would think that landing such a job […]

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Quick Reads

I’ll Take The Stairs

Life is all fun and games until you get stuck in an elevator, by yourself. At first, you console yourself that it is just a technical hitch. Maybe the power went out. Ten seconds pass by. Nothing happens. Fifteen seconds. Don’t they have back -up generators here? Thirty seconds. Suddenly, the elevator lunges down and stops abruptly, jolting you to the reality that you are trapped in a fifteen square feet metallic cell. Your first reflex action is to press the open button. There is no reaction. You ring the bell. It is as dead as a dodo. You frantically run your index finger on all the other buttons hoping one of them will activate the rest. They are all unresponsive. You grab your phone and dial the emergency number right above the buttons. It is out of service. The elevator briskly lurches downwards again, this time at a jaw clenching speed before stopping instantaneously, followed by a blanket of darkness. The lights have gone out. That’s it, you think to yourself. I am screwed. You have seen this in the movies. The only way to save yourself would be climbing out and scaling down the greasy wires with your […]

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One Last Time

Death is brutal. One moment you are within six feet of your loved one, the next, they are six feet under. Sometimes there is no forewarning. It just strikes and closes the curtains as if it’s just another play at the theatre. Dreams get shattered. Unions get halved. Futures get disoriented. And the saddest part about it all is that there is absolutely nothing you can do to change the state of affairs. You cry yourself to sleep and pray that it is just a dream and that when you wake up, they will be there. Their bright face smiling down at you. Their familiar voice buzzing through your ears, probably complaining about why you were sleeping for too long. The mixture of their sweat and their cologne filling your nostrils, choking you a little. You wake up and it’s just you. Just you, surrounded by their stuff. Their clothes. Shoes. Handbags. Car keys. Cellphone. Everywhere you turn, everything you touch, reminds you of them. The TV is still stuck on their favourite channel. Remains of their favourite meal are still in the fridge. The bookmark you bought them for their birthday is still peeping from between the pages of […]

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