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June 12, 2020


Episode 9 – Lemonade

A brother is like a dog. They never really tell you out loud how much they love you. They just do. And when life has piled a shitload of lemons on your salad, they will know. You do not even have to say anything. They can just tell. Even if they are eight thousand miles away in Atlanta, Georgia. Salim Katana is such a brother. A single phone call to Natasha Baraza was enough for him to know that his sister was troubled. Her voice was muffled and dry, like that of someone suffering from tonsilitis. Her choice of words was obscure. The stutters and periodic pauses in between their conversation told of someone whose mind was fighting a losing battle with their heart. At his insistence, Natasha had gotten it all off her chest. And he had listened. The same way he had listened to her little teenage girl problems years ago as they were growing up back in Kwale. Of course, he reprimanded her and called her all kinds of names. But that was right before heroically turning the lemons into lemonade and making a tasty cocktail out of it. Three days after their conversation, Salim had somehow […]

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