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June 1, 2020


Financial Madaraka

Is there a more vivid illustration of When it rains, it pours than when you get broke? Your car insurance expires around the same time your monthly postpaid call and data subscription ends. Now you have to take the bus to work and you discover something called Reverse call. The neighbour whom you share the Netflix logins with drops you a text. It’s time to renew the subscription. Is this Netflix thing really worth it? You ask yourself. But how else will you watch those documentaries you love? And is that not the reason you subscribed to Zuku Home Fibre in the first place? This reminds you. The Zuku Home Fibre bill is due in three days. It’s always due around the same time as the rent. And the water bill. And the gym membership. Your wife is not doing any better. Her salary has been delayed, again. She sends you a grocery and supplies shopping list. And a footnote with a reminder that her chama contribution is due. You have never seen the essence of this chama thing. You two engage in your usual monthly fight about it. You complain that the chama is a waste of time and […]

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