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May 18, 2020


When He Really Likes You – Guest Version

Written By Monica Njeri. [ Instagram: @__njeri.__ ] When a man likes you, he will call you every evening and ask how your day was. He will not complain about having to be the one calling all the time. He will force you to say you love him at the end of the call. He will invite you over to his house on weekends, and lure you with “nitakupikia”. He will wash the house and tidy up before you arrive. He will make you a nice meal and serve you a glass of wine, or some coke or sprite soda. On other days, he will ask you out for bowling at Village Market. His friends will come and he will introduce you and refer to you as ‘mama’ or ‘ mine’ depending on your love. When a man really likes you, he’ll get jealous when a huge bearded man tries to hit on you in the club. He will ask you to keep off, or even say he’s had enough and that you should go home, or he’ll try to pick a fight, depending on how drunk he is. When a man really likes you, he’ll ask you to dress […]

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