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When she really likes you

When she really likes you, she will tell you everything that is going on in her life. How her day went. What she ate for lunch and why she cannot have the same for dinner. What she wore to work and how it made her ass look. How some lame dude tried to hit on her the other day. She will tell you about her cat. Her period. Her allergies. Her bestie. Her other friends and what they think of you. How many children she wants to have if she wants to at all. She will blab on and on about her favourite music. The best movie she has ever watched. All the places she wants to visit as soon as she can afford it. She will dig a little into her past. How plump she was in high school. How she cheated in exams back at campus. How lame her exes were. Every little thing.

You don’t even need to ask. The conversation just flows. She talks and you listen. She talks until she is out of breath. Occasionally, you throw in a ”Waah” or a ”No way”. A ”Whaaaat?” and a ”Daaamn!”. And she responds with ”Imagine!”. Her texts are long and random. They are filled with typos and emojis. Typos because she wants to say so much at the same time and emojis because she has to emphasize every emotion. Occasionally, she will randomly send you photos of her. Raw and pure, no filters. If she is the bold type, sometimes in one or two photos, she will be in less clothes than she is in at the swimming pool.

When she likes you, she will buy you stuff. A tie. A pair of cufflinks. A couple of boxers. Sometimes when she is feeling philanthropic, she will replace your old, dull and dirty curtains. And if she hits the jackpot, she may even buy you that PlayStation you always talk about. She will post a photo of you on your birthday. She will always be happy to be around you. And when she is sad, you can tell. She will be silent. She will wish you goodnight at 7.00 o’clock. The emojis and the typos in her texts will disappear. She may call you and say nothing. She will talk without speaking. And you will listen to and understand her sadness because you know her too well.

When she really likes you, she will drive you nuts. She will get pissed off over little things. You did not answer her call. You slept without wishing her goodnight. You are spending too much time on the PlayStation she bought you. You did not notice that she did her nails. You checked out that girl’s ass. You texted your ex. You forgot her birthday. You did not keep your promise(s). And if you live together, you did not come home last night.

When she really likes you, she will give it to you like her life depends on it. And she won’t complain about being on top.

When a girl really likes you, you’ll know.

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