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May 1, 2020


Episode 3 – Nyama Choma

Francis Mwaura is the typical middle-aged Kikuyu man. He wears chequered short-sleeved shirts that are a size larger. Soft bright and faded khaki pants with extremely long flies, with black (sometimes brown) leather shoes. A baseball hat hides his receding hairline. He drives an old white Toyota Fielder. Uses a Dual SIM Tecno phone. Loves his nyama choma with a warm Whitecap to go with it, listening to some old Rhumba music. What better place to have this combination than Walkabout along Kiambu Road? Papa Lolo by the legendary Mose Se Sengo is warbling softly from the overhead speakers across the compound. Mwaura is singing along, a soft rib in his left hand and a piece of ugali in the other. Ah na leli mama ah, Na leli papa ahNa leli mama ah, Na leli papa ah Papa Lolo eh, Ba bwaki yo wapi ehPapa Lolo eh, Ba bwaki yo wapi eh Josephine Wagura is seated across him. She is sipping a glass of Kingfisher at Mwaura’s insistence. There is a plate of french fries on her side of the nyama choma platter. They have been here for slightly over an hour. Mwaura had called her back and asked to […]

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