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January 16, 2020


Are You Sure?

You have just finished your KCSE exams. Four years of your life have been evaluated in just three weeks. You find yourself quite broke but you are comforted by the fact that you can now wake up after the sun has risen. Hmm, I should get me a job or something before I join campus, you think to yourself. You phone that uncle of yours that always kept telling you to look for him as soon as you were done with your exams. He owns an Insurance firm and he can get you something to keep you busy in exchange for a small stipend. He is happy to hear from you. You ask about your cousins and your aunt. They are all fine. Then he proceeds to break your heart. ‘The economy is not doing very well, as you can see on the news. But you do this, join campus and let me know when you go for long holiday ama when you need to go for attachment, sawa?’ You join campus. Time flies and it’s now time for your first long holiday. You ring your uncle, again. ‘The economy has not improved, in fact, it has become worse. Do […]

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