90’s Kid

This is for you, 90’s kids. We started off this decade still under our parents’ care, and the only worry was how to log onto 2go and how to afford the latest Supras. How to do the Skip to My Lou Dance and grabbing the front seat during Saturday Night entertainment back in High School. Getting a seat on the school bus during the school functions and talking to that pretty girl or guy from the neighbouring school. Thrashing your friends on PlayStation 3 and playing Spartacus and Fast Five on replay.

The decade saw us sit our final O – level exams and join various institutions of higher learning. We lost touch with childhood friends and made new friendships with people from other parts of the world – male and female, young and old. We smoked our first joint and had our first sip of alcohol. We had our first sexual encounters and learnt how to use contraceptives. We lied to our parents about school trips and spent that money club – hopping. We got turned away in night clubs for being ‘not old enough’ and got thrown out in the clubs we managed to get into, for probably being too drunk or not wanting to pay for drinks.

We developed new tastes in music and watched hundreds of movies and TV Series. We upgraded to the latest smartphones and spent hours on Wi-Fi, comparing our lives with each other through social media.

Some of us graduated and got employed. Others quit school to try something different. Others got into business. Others went abroad seeking greener pastures. Others are still tarmacking, hoping to get that well – paying job.The decade opened our hearts and we began to feel emotions we only read about in Pacesetter series novels. We fell in love and for those who are lucky enough, got married to the loves of their lives. We experienced our first heartbreaks and swore never to love again. We got stabbed in the back and realised that the only person we can trust is ourselves.

We lost some of our loved ones to death and buried them. We became uncles and aunts. We became fathers and mothers, making our parents grandparents. We have seen our parents grow white hair and their faces wrinkle – up gradually. We became old enough to know why our parents were always fighting, or why they divorced. And we are now smart enough to know that we will be in the same situations, in a couple of years. We are a little scared about the new decade. We will be in our prime. That mid-life crisis we always hear about, will be mathematically possible to take place in the new decade.

This is the decade that will probably shape the rest of your life. This is the decade that will see you make the biggest, boldest and toughest decisions of your life. Our kids will start school in the new decade. Sadly, but truly, some of our parents won’t make it to the end of the decade. It’s the decade that will see you add weight or lose it. It’s the decade you will probably buy your first car and build your first house (if you haven’t already). It’s the decade you’ll probably appear on TV and on the papers (if you haven’t already). You’ll be the busiest you’ve ever been, the richest you’ve ever been and heavy – laden with responsibility than ever before.

Don’t worry, mate. You have all it takes to get through it. The good thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time. Do your best today, and tomorrow will certainly take care of itself.

Happy New Year to you 90’s kid. You’re a great person. Let it remain that way.

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  • Reply Immaculate Laibuni January 1, 2020 at 1:55 pm

    Great piece, I relate kabisa!!+

  • Reply SJK Hopes January 3, 2020 at 10:56 am

    I’m impressed.
    Keep it up bruh… This is so good

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