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December 2019


90’s Kid

This is for you, 90’s kids. We started off this decade still under our parents’ care, and the only worry was how to log onto 2go and how to afford the latest Supras. How to do the Skip to My Lou Dance and grabbing the front seat during Saturday Night entertainment back in High School. Getting a seat on the school bus during the school functions and talking to that pretty girl or guy from the neighbouring school. Thrashing your friends on PlayStation 3 and playing Spartacus and Fast Five on replay. The decade saw us sit our final O – level exams and join various institutions of higher learning. We lost touch with childhood friends and made new friendships with people from other parts of the world – male and female, young and old. We smoked our first joint and had our first sip of alcohol. We had our first sexual encounters and learnt how to use contraceptives. We lied to our parents about school trips and spent that money club – hopping. We got turned away in night clubs for being ‘not old enough’ and got thrown out in the clubs we managed to get into, for probably […]

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Ladies and Gentlemen

Mother Teresa

Her virginity was ripped away from her, gruesomely and gut – churningly. No one but her mother had known about it. For eleven years, the heart-rending memories silhouetted her every move. How he had come to her room, tore apart her dress, slapped her when she tried to fight back, pinned her against her bed and squeezed his way in, her cries for help echoing against his sickening moans of pleasure. When she came to, she was lying on her mother’s bed. Her mother was in tears. She told her how sorry she was for bringing that man into their lives. She told her of her step – father’s illegal narcotics business and how the money had supported them ever since her daddy died and her mother started seeing this man. She told her reporting the matter would open a web of police investigations that would tie the two of them as accomplices and possibly land them in jail. She convinced her to not say a word to anyone. She packed two bags, one for each one of them, and they drove away, five hundred miles north of the little town of Kisauni, Mombasa County. They settled in Kasarani and […]

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