Why won’t you return my calls?

Why won’t you open the door?

Why are you building walls?

Why are you sobbing on the kitchen floor?

You just don’t get it, do you?

What we had was a mistake

You have a wife and kids, don’t you?

Please, give me a break

What if I actually leave her?

Will you finally come back?

She does not love me anymore either

Say the words and I’ll start to pack

As much as I ache for your touch and kiss

I have to be selfless and just give up

Because one day, I will be where your wife is

And I will not want karma to eat me up

So what? This is it?

I don’t even get to see you one last time?

Yes, please don’t ever visit

Go home to her and live up to your vows

Because, we only get one life

And karma, karma is counting

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