Back in School, you must have wondered how long it took the ancient man, Homo Erectus, 1,000,000 years ago, to create fire through use of friction. The Maasai, who happen to be Homo Sapiens Sapiens just like you and me, still make use of the friction concept, only that it takes them just about 2 minutes.

They rub a Cedar stick onto a piece of wood so vigorously that the cedar stick gets eaten up by the wood, releasing hot crumbs. The hot crumbs are placed onto dry sticks and after a few blows, the crumbs ignite the dry sticks. This enables them to make fire from anywhere, as they graze their cattle across the savannahs of Kenya and Tanzania. Below is the demonstration

Where there is smoke, there’s fire and as Mbusi would say, Moto Sana!


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