Nobody Cares. Work Harder

Ninety nine problems but a bitch ain’t one
If you having girl problems I feel bad for you son
I got ninety nine problems but a bitch ain’t one, hit me – Jay Z ”

I always sing along to this jam from Jay Z every time it comes on. Plenty of memes have been made out of this 99 problems concept. Until recently, I never really thought much about what Jay Z was thinking deciding that his problems were 99 in number. 99 problems are quite a lot, man. Imagine not having rent money, your girlfriend leaving you, contracting HIV -AIDS, losing your job and your house burning down are just 5 problems. 5 problems that would drive you to depression and an ultimate death. Now imagine adding 94 more problems on top of all this misery.

Well, the truth is, 99 is just a number used to show a never – ending phenomenon. We all got our own different 99 problems that we are struggling to solve one way or the other. Everyone you meet, regardless of how successful they are (or may seem to be), has something that is worrying them, or occupying their minds so dominantly, that they may not have the mental capacity to spare a thought for something or someone else.

Most of the time, the odds will be against you in most of the things you do in your life. You go to school hoping to get good grades, graduate and get a well -paying job in a reputable company; or better still, venture into entrepreneurship with the little experience and bootstrapped starting capital you managed to raise. Should you lose an interview to a graduate from Havard, or to someone who is more familiar to someone prominent in the government, it may hurt. But nobody really cares. Should your business not thrive as much as you would hope it to, since you do not have a very healthy marketing budget, it may hurt. But nobody really cares.

Should your parents pass away and your extended family grabs your family’s property, rendering you homeless and helpless, it will surely hurt. Again, who cares? If you find out that your fiance is married with three kids, your heart will be shattered. Who cares? If the company you work for gets bankrupt and you get laid off, you will feel like its the end of the world. Again, who cares? Should you be unable to pay off your mortgage and the bank auctions the car you have not even finished paying for, and takes away their house, you will go crazy. But nobody will really care.

Nobody will care about your one problem when they have got 99 of their own. Life is a race and nobody will give you a head start simply because you are a woman. No company will give you a job you do not qualify for simply because you are disabled. No supervisor will accept sub – standard work from you simply because you are inexperienced and new on the job. No Human Resource Officer will let you come to work an hour later than everyone else because you live far from the office.

Now What?

You need to overlook all your limitations and do your very best every day. Because if you do not meet the threshold, you will be replaced by someone who can, and still, nobody will care! You can decide to either provide an excuse or results. Never both. The most successful people in the world could have given excuses as to why they could not do what they did to make them great. They did not. The truth is, sometimes you may have very valid and legitimate reasons as to why you are not where you purposed to be. Or why you were not able to deliver the results expected of you. However, before you give an excuse, please ask yourself this question, who really cares?

The answer is painfully terrible. Nobody!


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    Life is unfair though

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