My name is Khan. Sorry. That’s a movie. My name is Ken. I am a young man from Subukia, Nakuru County. We, folks from Subukia like to pride our small town as the heart of the Great Rift Valley. We are also the home to one of the sacred shrines in the world which was one of the destinations former Pope The Late John Pope II visited in his historic visit to Kenya in 1995. You wouldn’t know that because well, you were either one, or two, or unborn. Anytime you are in Subukia, I can take you on a little trip to the National Shine up the Rift Valley escarpment for you to witness the marvel of mother nature where sacred water oozes out from a rock. Yes. No inlet. Just a rock letting out pure, ice – cold refreshing water believed to cure diseases and bless faithful Catholic souls. Some people say it’s a hoax. Well, that’s a story for another day.

I have often been described as highly disparaging and judgemental. I think these folks are right. I happen to have an opinion, sometimes highly controversial, on almost anything. Sports. Politics. Music. The economy. Donald Trump. Alcohol. Sex. The boy child. The list is endless. That is why I created this blog to voice my opinions to those who care to read. In here you will find three things:

  1. Simple crisp grammar with no punctuation or spelling mistakes
  2. Short interesting stories that will make you laugh, or not
  3. High – value knowledge that you may never have gotten elsewhere

Well, here’s a short disclaimer. The opinions voiced in here are mine and only mine. They do not reflect the position of my career, business or the people around me. Should you agreee with me, be a darling and share the piece with your networks, will you? Should you disagree with me, leave a comment and I promise to read it and respond, or not, accordingly.

Should you want me to write about you, drop me a line on kiiru@kiirumacharia.com

Let’s have some fun.



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